The Non-Obvious Beyond Diversity Summit.

200+ Speakers. 48 Sessions.

Free Registration.

January 26-29, 2021



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Welcome to the world's most ambitious conversation about diversity.

Join more than 200 speakers for fascinating conversations about diversity, inclusion, gender, disability and more during this "non-obvious" virtual summit that will open your mind.

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This virtual summit is dedicated to transforming well-intentioned conversation into real action and meaningful change. We will do this by bringing together voices from all genres, genders, and geographies for what many of our speakers are already calling the world's most ambitious conversation about diversity.

During This Free Virtual Summit, You Will Learn From More Than 200 Experts Across Multiple Industries and Backgrounds ...

  • Diverse Perspectives. Rather than listening to pointless panels where everyone says the same thing, all of our sessions involve speakers from multiple points of view.
  • Focused On Action. Dialogue is important, but in this summit we will go beyond the conversation and make sure every session offers some concrete action steps.
  • No Type-Casting. There is no "box-checking" or tokenism at this event. Every speaker is invited based on their accomplishments and never stereotyped or invited solely based on their race, gender or disability.
  • Ambitious "Non-Obvious" Conversations. We will ask big questions and explore world-changing ideas with a focus on bringing together insights you haven't heard before.

Who Is This Event For?

This summit is for anyone tired of talking about the problem and willing to be part of imagining the solution to create a more inclusive world.

In the past year, the conversation around DEI issues reached a long overdue tipping point. In 2021 we have the chance to transform this momentum into action. This summit will help us go beyond evangelizing why diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging matters, to take concrete steps to make it happen. We will do this through an unwavering focus on making sure every section has actionable takeaways, as well as publishing a co-authored book with the most powerful and useful insights from all the speakers at the summit.

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Your time is valuable. Spending it with us to learn about diversity and be part of this conversation is important. To help celebrate your participation - we have created an optional program to offer all attendees a FREE Certificate of Participation in the summit.

Details about the Certificate:

All participants who want to receive a certificate after the summit will be provided with details by email on the requirements for the program and how to receive a FREE certificate and badge to use on social media.

For Students: This certificate may be used for professional development hours, to satisfy course requirements, on college or internship applications and as proof of supplemental extra-curricular involvement. Ask your professor or educational institution for details.

For Professionals: This certificate may be shared with employers or professional associations as proof of ongoing learning or professional development hours. Ask your employer or trade association for details.

About the Non-Obvious Company

This event is hosted and organized by the Non-Obvious Company. We believe the world needs more non-obvious thinkers. Our mission is to help leaders, organizations and curious minds learn the habits that allow them to see what others miss and face the unknown. We do this through our published books, popular keynotes, custom workshops, annual book awards, weekly email newsletter and our live streaming Non-Obvious Insights Show hosted by Rohit Bhargava.