A book about how to build a more inclusive world.


This groundbreaking book inspired by the Non-Obvious Beyond Diversity Summit is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller!*

*Audio book and large print editions now available!

What was the Non-Obvious Beyond Diversity Summit?


200+ Speakers. 50+ Hours of Insights.

In January of 2021, we hosted the summit that inspired the book. Watch all the past sessions on demand here!


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Our virtual summit was created to transform well-intentioned conversation into real action and meaningful change. We aimed to do this by bringing together voices from all genres, genders, and geographies for the world's most ambitious conversation about diversity ... and our efforts inspired a soon-to-be-published book about how to create a more inclusive world called Beyond Diversity.

About the Non-Obvious Company

This summit was hosted and organized by the team at the Non-Obvious Company. We believe the world needs more non-obvious thinkers. Our mission is to help leaders, organizations and curious minds learn the habits that allow them to see what others miss and face the unknown. We do this through our published books, popular keynotes, annual book awards, custom workshops, weekly email newsletter and other programs.

About Jennifer Brown Consulting

Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC) believes in unleashing the power of human potential, embracing diversity, and helping people—and organizations—to thrive. The company is on a mission to set a new tone for business, and the world, and to create a more inclusive reality for generations to come by helping organizations create the type of workplace where people no longer feel pressure to downplay aspects of their identity in order to survive; instead, they begin to feel free to bring their full selves to work and motivated to contribute in a way that fuels bottom-line growth.

We were also supported by a host of presenting partners and sponsors.