About the Book

Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

A book about how to create a more inclusive world.


What if we could go beyond the conversation about diversity and take real action?

In early 2021, more than two hundred widely respected experts gathered virtually for the world’s most ambitious conversation about diversity. Our aim was to do more than spotlight injustice. We challenged ourselves to imagine how to fix it. The dialogue brought together casting directors, bookstore owners, disabled leaders, healthcare professionals, students, VCs, standup comedians, chief diversity officers, pro gamers, archaeologists, government insiders, startup founders, and even a master puppeteer.

Now for the first time, these solutions are compiled into one groundbreaking volume organized into twelve powerful themes including: storytelling, technology, identity, retail, education and more. Each chapter paints a revealing picture of the world, how it is, how it could be and what needs to happen for us to get there. For newcomers to the topic of diversity, and DEI experts alike, this book offers a much-needed actionable blueprint for creating a more inclusive world for us all.

Advance Praise

“A useful, forcefully written, and wide-ranging study of inequities—and how to fix them.”

"Progressive and inspiring ... a book that makes daunting arenas, including those of family, personal identity, and work, feel accessible to change."


“Beyond Diversity provides a much-needed directive for those in power to get educated and use their influence to finally break down the barriers that have left so many of us behind.”
—MINDA HARTS, Speaker, Founder, and Author of The Memo

“An urgently needed, eminently practical book that every leader should read which takes on a tough topic with sharp minds and open hearts.”
—DANIEL H. PINK, New York Times bestselling author of When, Drive, and To Sell Is Human

“Beyond Diversity artfully uses the power of storytelling to connect the reader with the lived experience of LGBTQ+ people and other marginalized communities. This book opens eyes, hearts, and minds!”
—AMBER HIKES, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

“A must-read for anyone committed to a world where we all belong and contribute fully. I really enjoyed this book!”
—MICHELE MEYER-SHIPP, Chief People Officer for Major League Baseball

“Successful women advocate for themselves. For any woman of color seeking to unearth her individual power, this is an essential read.”
—DEEPA PURUSHOTHAMAN, Author of The First, The Few, The Only and Co-Founder of nFormation

“Thought-provoking, layered, and fresh. Wherever you may be in your journey, Beyond Diversity is the weapon in your DEI arsenal to make better inclusion choices.”
—MICHELLE KING, Author of The Fix and CEO of Equality Forward

“Beyond Diversity provides a roadmap to help all of us step into the conversation and be a part of the movement toward a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable society.”
—ERIN URITUS, CEO of Out and Equal

About the Authors:

Rohit Bhargava (he/him/his)
Founder, Non-Obvious Company

ROHIT BHARGAVA is on a mission to inspire more non-obvious thinking in the world. He is the founder of the Non-Obvious Company, a popular keynote speaker, and the #1 WSJ bestselling author of seven books on marketing, trends and the how to predict the future.

Jennifer Brown (she/her/hers)
Founder, Jennifer Brown Consulting

JENNIFER BROWN and her team at Jennifer Brown Consulting are committed to building more inclusive and representative workplaces of belonging where everyone can thrive. She is a bestselling author and inspirational keynoter on leadership courage and change.

Our Contributors:

Andrius Alvarez-Backus (he/him/his)
Writer/Graphic Designer, Jennifer Brown Consulting

ANDRIUS ALVAREZ BACKUS is a content writer, research assistant, and graphic designer at Jennifer Brown Consulting. He is currently studying fine art at The Cooper Union in New York City.

Chhavi Arya (she/her/hers)
Co-founder, Ideapress Publishing & COO + Producer, Non-Obvious Company

CHHAVI ARYA is the co-founder of Ideapress Publishing and the producer of the Non-Obvious Beyond Diversity Summit. She spent 10 years teaching elementary school, pioneering diversity curriculum and programming that was used across Ontario, Canada.

Karen Dahms (she/her/hers)
Senior Research Director, Jennifer Brown Consulting

KAREN DAHMS is a writer, researcher, advocate and change agent for social justice and diversity, equity and inclusion. She is the Senior Research Director at Jennifer Brown Consulting.

Sandhya Jain-Patel (she/her/hers)
Co-Founder, SRC Partners

SANDHYA JAIN-PATEL is a passionate DEI professional devoted to culturally accurate storytelling in media and entertainment. She is co-founder and managing director of SRC Partners.

Kaleena Sales (she/her/hers)
Professor, Tennessee State University

KALEENA SALES is an author, illustrator, and graphic design educator at Tennessee State
University, an HBCU in Nashville, TN. Her research focuses on minority culture and aesthetics.

Monika Samtani (she/her/hers)
Co-Founder, The Fem Word

MONIKA SAMTANI is the CEO of Ms. Media and co-founder of The Fem Word. As a media and entertainment professional, building a culture of authenticity is rooted in her work—producing, storytelling, publicity, coaching, and speaking.

Zharia Shinn (she/her/hers)
Collage Artist/Illustrator

ZHARIA SHINN (she/her) is a portrait collage artist based in NY. With a BFA from RISD, her vibrant collages defy pre-existing notions of beauty and promote inclusivity of the African Diaspora.