About the Book

Coming in May 2021 from Ideapress Publishing!

Book Description:

A wide-ranging compilation of the best insights and advice about how to make the world more diverse and inclusive, featuring advice contributed by more than a hundred world renowned experts.

In January of 2021, over 200 of the world’s most widely respected experts in diversity, inclusion, and equity gathered virtually for the most ambitious conversation about diversity ever imagined. Casting directors, bookstore owners, disability advocates, college students, robotic journalists, startup founders, technology professionals, bestselling authors, and a diverse group of more than a hundred others came together to have conversations about how to shape a more diverse and inclusive future.

Unlike many other global conversations about diversity which inspire feel-good social media hashtags and a false sense of accomplishment, the aim of this event was different. Every conversation focused on uncovering “non-obvious” insights for how to move diversity, equity and inclusion into the future. In this book, you will read a compilation of the best insights, most actionable advice and biggest ideas from all of these experts.

Whether you are new to the ideas of diversity, equity and inclusion, or you are a DEI expert yourself, this book will offer a useful and inspiring collection of ideas to shift your perspective … along with plenty of actionable advice on what you can do right now to become an advocate, ally and leader to help create a more inclusive world for us all.