About: Beyond Diversity Summit

About the Organizers:

We believe the world needs more non-obvious thinkers.

This event was organized and sponsored by the Non-Obvious Company in partnership with Jennifer Brown Consulting. Our mission is to help leaders, organizations and curious minds learn the habits that allow them to see what others miss and shape the future. We do this through our bestselling books, actionable keynotes, signature workshops, annual book awards and the popular Non-Obvious Insights Show, hosted by our founder Rohit Bhargava and produced by Chhavi Arya.

Through this ambitious event, we were proud to have the support of a select group of organizing partners who each brought their unique vision, expertise and insights to help us put together an even more diverse conversation about diversity.

We are deeply grateful for all of their support, assistance, excitement and friendship. Not only are all of them helping to make this conversation better, but they are all instrumental in making sure the outcomes from this event and our Beyond Diversity book help us all to drive real change and inspire actual action.

Our Organizing Team:

Kameron Bryant-Sergejev


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Sandhya Jain-Patel


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Amy Kean


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Rohi Mirza Pandya


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Marnie McMahon


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Monika Samtani


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Jacqueline Sibanda

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Our Interns:

In addition to our organizing team above, we have a wonderful team of interns who are helping with marketing, production, research, editorial and graphic design. Our interns, listed in alphabetical order, are:

Our Event Partners:

About Jennifer Brown Consulting

Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC) believes in unleashing the power of human potential, embracing diversity, and helping people—and organizations—to thrive. The company is on a mission to set a new tone for business, and the world, and to create a more inclusive reality for generations to come by helping organizations create the type of workplace where people no longer feel pressure to downplay aspects of their identity in order to survive; instead, they begin to feel free to bring their full selves to work and motivated to contribute in a way that fuels bottom-line growth. Learn more about Jennifer Brown Consulting >>

About Ideapress Publishing

Ideapress Publishing produces brilliant business books. We are a leading independent publisher that works with CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs and fascinating people to help them publish, promote and sell their books to a worldwide audience. Learn more about Ideapress Publishing >>

About The Fem Word

The Fem Word (powered by Ms. Media) is a multimedia digital community broadcasting stories of bold womxn in creative spaces. Using a wide global lens, The Fem Word is focused on transformative conversations about leadership parity and representation. The goal is to be the primary source of stories and experiences that encourage progress. Learn more about The Fem Word >>

About SRC Partners

SRC Partners help you reach wider audiences by providing expertise on diversity and cultural production. Learn more about SRC Partners >>

About Six Things Impossible

Six Things Impossible invents honest, culturally-resonant stories for brand campaigns; and works with companies to recharge their culture, allowing all voices to be heard and creativity to flourish. Learn more about Six Things Impossible >>