Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why is the theme “Beyond Diversity” and what makes this event different?

A:  Glad you asked! Collectively, our organizing team has participated in hundreds of events about DEI topics. These events are wonderful and well-intentioned, but often they only engage the same core group of people. Our theme of “Beyond Diversity” reflects our shared vision to bring people together who don’t usually frequent the same conversations, while also making sure every session delivers actionable insights to help us all shape a more inclusive society.

Q:  How were your speakers selected, invited and compensated?

A:  Every speaker participating in this event has generously donated their time to be part of the important conversation we are hosting. We believe in complete pay equity: there are no tiers of speakers where some are paid and some are not. Speakers were selected and personally invited by a member of our organizing team based on their accomplishments and reputation as well as the unique perspective they will share.

Q:  How can I watch the sessions?

A:  All the sessions from the event will be broadcast live or shared across a variety of social media channels. To see a where to watch, each session visit the Agenda page on this website.

Q:  How can I participate in the conversation?

A:  To maximize flexibility for our speakers to participate in these important conversations, most of the sessions are pre-recorded and premiere for the first time during the Beyond Diversity Summit. During each premiere, we will have a live chat happening alongside the video on YouTube and we will also be hosting a conversation on social media throughout the event with the hashtag #nonobviousdiversity.

Q:  What if I can't make it to a session that I really want to see?

A:  Sessions will be available for on-demand viewing after the event concludes. If you're not able to join a session during its live premiere time, you can always watch it at a later date. Be sure to bookmark the link for each session (links are on the Agenda page of this site) so you can also set a reminder to watch and return to the page after the session is complete to watch the full conversation on-demand.

Q:  Are these sessions be made accessible for those with disabilities?

A:  Yes - we have consulted several experts on our organizing team for how we can make this summit as inclusive as possible for attendees with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition to adding captions to all sessions, we offered tips and guidance to all of our speakers on how they can speak in more inclusive ways, ensure they are well-lit and use clear microphones with minimal background noise, and use accessible language throughout the session without using jargon.

Q:  How will you translate the experience of this summit into the Beyond Diversity book?

A:  One of the aspects of this event that we are most excited about is that we will be curating the best insights from all of our speakers into a book that will be published by Ideapress Publishing and distributed both online and physically through retail stores including Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart and Hudson Airport locations in the US, and worldwide through a variety of bookstores and global distribution partners. Learn more about the book >>

NOTE: All proceeds from the book will be donated to a series of charities that promote diversity and inclusion. Ideapress or the Non-Obvious Company will not be making any profit on the book or the summit.

Q:  Who is organizing this event?

This event is being organized and underwritten by the Non-Obvious Company. In addition, we have brought together more than a dozen partner organizations to help us create the experience of the summit, identify and invite speakers and design more interesting and engaging conversations about diversity and inclusion. See a list of our organizing partners and sponsors >>