We brought together more than two hundred visionary speakers for this summit - and the topics they spoke about were equally ambitious. The overall event was divided into central themes based on the topics we covered.

Represented: How Politics and Government Is Becoming More Diverse

About This Session:

Every year brings more women and persons of color who run for (and win) political offices. Is this a momentary blip or a long-term trend? In this panel discussion, community organizers, government appointees and other politicos will discuss the state of politics today and what that means for us all going forward. [GV1]

Debra Alfarone


Rebecca Cokley


Jyoti Sarda


Jackie Huba


Kety Esquivel


Angela Ward


About the Speakers:

  • Debra Alfarone, Correspondent, CBS Newspath - Debra Alfarone tells her story of going from dropout to dream life to audiences and coaching clients and tells stories that shape the world as a TV News Correspondent for CBS News
  • Rebecca Cokley, Director, Disability Justice Initiative - Rebecca Cokley is a three-time Presidential appointee with over 15 years extensive experience advising government agencies, civil rights organizations, and corporate America on civil rights, diversity and inclusion and transition related issues tied to at-risk youth. She has worked on education, employment, youth development/leadership, and health care. She is the director of the Disability Justice Initiative at American Progress, where her work focuses on disability policy. In 2015, she was inducted into the inaugural class of the Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame and was the recipient of the Frank Harkin Memorial Award by the National Council on Independent Living.
  • Jyoti Sarda, Producer/CEO, Nimble Media LLC - Former global entertainment marketing exec, activist, producer of documentary series And She Could Be Next (2020)
  • Jackie Huba, Founder and Executive Director, Drag Out The Vote - Jackie Huba is the Founder and Executive Director of Drag Out The Vote, as well as a bestselling author and TEDx speaker.
  • Kety Esquivel, Founder and CEO ELLA - Kety Esquivel is the Founder and CEO of ELLA, Executive Latina Leaders in Action.
  • Angela Ward, Political and Business Talk Show Host - Angela Ward, host of The Game Changers with Angela Ward also known as the business whisperer interviews top political and business leaders across the nation. She focuses on issues first and politics second.

Social Impact in the Age of "Diversity"

About This Session:

How can organizations and government propel and advance social justice and racial justice? In this session we will explore what it takes to build that world through policy, systems and politics. [GV2]

Panel was produced in partnership with SRC Partners

Juhu Thukral


Song Kim


Yennie Solheim


India Thusi


About the Speakers:

  • Juhu Thukral, Founder + Principal, Apsara Projects LLC - Juhu is a human rights lawyer and founder of numerous social impact ventures focused on the rights of women, LGBTQ people, and Black/Brown/immigrant communities.
  • India Thusi, Associate Professor of Law, Delaware Law School - India Thusi is an Associate Professor of Law at Delaware Law School, where she examines racial and sexual hierarchies as they relate policing, race, and gender.
  • Song Kim, Co-Founder and COO, KovaDx - Human rights lawyer turned entrepreneur, Song Kim is passionate about reimagining systems by uplifting stories of individual experiences, from low-wage immigrant workers to people living with sickle cell disease all around the world.
  • Yennie Solheim, Director of Social Impact - Yennie leads Social Impact at Niantic, a company working to encourage people to explore the world together through Augmented Reality technology.

Stronger Together: How Diversity Fuels Bright Ideas In the Federal Government

About This Session:

Innovation is something that has always been a part of the military and the federal government. Throughout history, a key driving factor behind these bright ideas has been the establishment of diverse teams from across the country and around the world with the desire, tenacity and creativity to tackle the toughest challenges. Join us as we explore how diversity continues to be the fuel for federal government innovation with the leaders guiding these efforts into the future! [GV3]

J.J. Snow


Michael Akinyele


James "Hondo" Geurts


Christopher E. Manuel


Sabra Horne


About the Speakers:

  • J.J. Snow, AFWERX CTO - Lt Col Jennifer “JJ” Snow is the AFWERX Chief Technology and Innovation Officer She serves as the military representative for technology outreach and engagement bridging the gap between government and various technology communities to improve collaboration and communications, foster a culture of innovation, identify smart solutions to wicked problems and guide the development of future technologies to benefit the US Air Force, Department of Defense, Interagency and Allied partners.
  • Michael Akinyele, Managing Principal, The Maximizer Group - Former Chief Innovation Officer of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Managing Principal of The Maximizer Group, an independent advisory firm primarily advising corporations, investors and startup companies. He is a healthcare futurist, collaborative leader, product and growth expert focused on inventing the future of healthcare delivery and payments.
  • James “Hondo” Geurts, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition) - On Dec. 5, 2017, Mr. James F. Geurts was sworn in as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development & Acquisition (ASN (RD&A)), following his confirmation by the Senate November 2017.
  • Christopher E. Manuel, Associate Dean of Research for Technology Development and Director Central Coast Tech Bridge - Christopher E. Manuel is the Associate Dean of Research for Technology Development at the Naval Postgraduate School and the Director of NavalX’s California Central Coast Tech Bridge and a retired Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer 4 with 33 years of service. Prior to joining NPS, Chris initiated and participated in two start-up companies. He also worked for Sierra Nevada Corporation as a Corporate Vice President for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Networks (C4N).
  • Sabra Horne, Chief, Innovation Hub - Ms. Horne leads the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Innovation Hub, encouraging innovation ideas across the organization and partnering with external innovators across the US government, private sector and academic to find and leverage common innovation interests.

Health Equity: Why Diversity Matters In Public Health

About This Session:

We have all lived through a year where public health has taken a central role in our lives and livelihoods. How does diversity and inclusion play a role in how public health initiatives take shape? Join this panel of public health leaders for a candid discussion about shaping a more inclusive future for public health at a pivotal moment. [HT3]

Laura Evans Manatos


Dorcas Lind


Alisa Gus


Allison Kalloo


About the Speakers:

  • Laura Evans Manatos, President and CEO of Laura Evans Media - Laura Evans is an Emmy award-winning journalist turned successful media relations executive who founded and runs Laura Evans Media, a progressive PR firm focused on elevating the voices and the stories of individual change-makers and social impact organizations.
  • Dorcas Lind, President & Founder, Diversity Health Communications - Dorcas Lind is a Diversity & Inclusion, Public Health, and Employee Engagement/CSR Strategist with cross industry experience in health/pharma, clinical trials, government, non-profits, media/advertising and philanthropy. She has implemented programs for companies/brands across multiple sectors solving complex business challenges including D&I integration, corporate branding and positioning, employee engagement, CSR, advocacy relations, and patient empowerment.
  • Alisa Gus, Founder Wishknish + Head of Startups and Fundraising at Government Blockchain Association
  • Allison Kalloo, Founder/CEO of Clinical Ambassador and iParticipate Inc. - Allison Kalloo, MPH identifies as a patient advocate and a Clinical Ambassador. Her company promotes diversity in clinical trials and the proactive, equitable inclusion of communities of color impacted by disparities. She is currently enrolled in her twelfth study.